Aomo Pharma Inc. (the US branch of Adamerck) is a biotechnology company cofound by Ph.D. Youmao Qi and Qing Jie in 2000. Since establishment, we are driven by a culture of innovation and commit to creating "better drugs for better lives". Based on proprietary technology platform AMCDx, we apply scientific expertise to develop and commercialize high-quality innovative drugs to meet unmet clinical needs.

We have a pipeline of more than 10 first-in-class drug candidates under development in anesthesia, cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and cancers. Adamgammadex (Aom0498) is one of all patented drug products, which is a best-in-class selective neuromuscular reversal agent. Two phase III pivotal clinical trials of adamgammadex in China have been completed and the NDA approval is expected to be received in China in 2024. The End-of-Phase II meeting with the US FDA on Adamgammadex has been held successfully on September 28, 2022. Multi-regional clinical trials (MRCT) in the US, Europe and Japan are scheduled to initiate in 2024.

Aomo Pharma Inc.

Better drugs for
better lives
We commit to meeting unmet clinical needs in areas of anesthesia, cardiovascular, ophthalmology and cancers.
AMCDx Platform
AMCDx is a patented innovative technology platform in supramolecular field established by Aomo. A broad range of valuable therapeutic molecules are continually discovered based on this platform, which would enable Aomo to be a leader in anaesthesia and cardiovascular therapeutic field.

Discovering and developing effective, fast-acting and safe perioperative anesthesia drugs are the priority action for Aomo.


We are striving to develop new and effective therapeutic drugs for eye diseases.

Eye Diseases

Neuroprotective agent and medications for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) are under development.

Cardiovascular Diseases

We strive to develop innovative drugs for treatment of most cancers and common side effects caused by existing cancer therapies.


We are developing drug products for improving structure and function of the central nervous system or peripheral nervous system of patients with neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Neurodegenerative Diseases
We devote to the development of patented innovative first-in-class drugs to meet the unmet clinical needs in China and across the world.
Our Focus
Partnering with Aomo
Aomo plans to License-out the global interests of its products outside the Greater China, and we are looking for co-development and co-promotion partners around the world to accelerate the development of its leading candidates for global patients.
HANGZHOU, November, 20, 2023- World Health Organization announced that Aomogammadex was designated as the International Nonproprietary Name of adamgammadex (Aom0498) on November 20, 2023. The propo...
HANGZHOU,China, November 22, 2023- AMCKAUS Pharm (Australia branch of Adamerck) completed dosing of single ascending dose phase I clinical trial of Aom0315 conducted in healthy subjects in Australi...
HANGZHOU, China, November 28, 2023- Recently, British Journal of Anasthesia published the pivotal Phase III clinical results of adamgammadex.This phase III clinical study is a multicentre, randomis...
HANGZHOU, China, January 31, 2023-The Phase I clinical trial of Aom0315, an innovative drug with a novel target, officially reached its Last Patient Last Visit (LPLV)in Australia.
HANGZHOU, China, March 5, 2024-The18th World Congress of Anesthesiologists (WCA), organized by the World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists (WFSA), was held in Singapore from March 3rd to...