AMCDx Platform

AMCDx is a patented innovative technology platform in supramolecular field established by Aomo Pharm. A broad range of valuable therapeutic molecules are continually discovered based on this platform, which enable Aomo Pharm to be a leader in anesthesia and cardiovascular therapeutical areas.

Adamgammadex  (Aom0498) is the first drug product discovered on AMCDx platform, which can reverse neuromuscular block by specifically binding with muscle relaxant agent. Adamgammadex has completed Phase III Clinical trials. Aom0319, as a neuroprotective agent, is the second drug product out of AMCDx platform.

There are more than 10 projects currently on the AMCDx platform under development, which involve areas of neuromuscular blockade, cardiovascular, neurodegeneration, hepatic and renal metabolism, and dry eye. Except for ongoing projects, the next generation products in each therapeutical area are under exploration. With further research, wide application of drug candidates will be practical in clinic with the help of AMCDx platform.